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Skin Care Services

Beauty is not only skin-deep. Still, by correcting skin issues, you can feel beautiful on the inside and out. Joseph F. Chow, M.D. is a dermatologist in Huntington Beach, California, who specializes in providing comprehensive skin care services to treat a variety of dermatological issues.

Advanced Skin Cancer Services

The sun, genetics, and a variety of other factors are known to contribute to skin cancer. Our staff is dedicated to helping you whether you are concerned about a spot or an unusual mole on your skin. In fact, our skilled doctor has years of experience at performing skin cancer surgery including Moh's surgery for a wide variety of patients.

Maintaining Your Skin's Beauty

Joseph F. Chow, M.D. has been practicing in Orange County since 1979. As a board certified and experienced dermatologist, he and his staff are dedicated to providing you with the best dermatological care. Visit our office in Huntington Beach, California for skin rejuvenation therapy.

Call us for an appointment to receive laser skin treatments that are effective.